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Featured in Bay Woof E-Mag - November 2021

November is my favorite month for more reasons than I can count, but most of them involve a dog or dogs. This year, I am looking back on one very special dog while looking forward to many more. Read my featured articleGrateful for Dogs: How a Single Mutt Changed My Life”  in this November 2021 edition of Bay Woof

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November is one of my favorite times of the year. There’s Thanksgiving, of course, but the month also marks the anniversary of adopting my first dog and my subsequent discovery of the wonders of senior dogs—both events for which I’ll be forever grateful.

The big day around here is November 9. That’s when one large, fluffy adult Husky-Shepherd mix changed my life…click to continue reading

From the Blog: Why we should love and value old dogs

Why do I love old dogs so much? This is a fair question given how popular puppies always are. While I have nothing against puppies they are just not for me. Their high energy and constant need for education and monitoring is exhausting. I love all dogs very much which is why puppies keep me in a constant state of worry over their development and care. By the very fact they are in this stage of growth, any mistakes or bad habits they develop thanks to me, are mine to deal with at a later date.


Given all that described potential stress, you might guess that I have never had children or been a school teacher. I’m also the youngest amongst my siblings so my supervision skills are strictly based on managing a few people, or the occasional project at work, not the best skill set for taking on the responsibility of a puppy. However, older dogs are a whole different beast.

Read what is so wonderful and valuable about loving senior dogs

From the Blog: 25 Ways (and counting!) Dogs Make Life Better

Make it your new year resolution to discover the many joys dogs bring to your life. We all face stress from our daily lives, scary headlines, and even just the winter blues. How do we handle it and not get overwhelmed?


From my decades of experience, I often feel better about something, or feel closer to a calm outlook, thanks to a dog. It’s like their secret super power is having the answers to life, but they can only communicate it when we stop and give them a belly rub, or take them for a quiet walk. We have to slow down and listen to them and their special canine communication.

Read ALL the reasons dogs are magic and can positively influence your life!