Five Myths of Having a Senior Dog | FROM THE BLOG

Have you ever thought of how a dog might help you with loss or grief?

Grouchy Puppy Founder, Sharon Castellanos writes about going through the experience of saying goodbye to her old beloved dog, and how it helped her with the death of her father. She shares this private journey hoping that her story will help ease the sadness in others. People of all ages lose a loved one, but after reading this post you'll understand how the positive influence of a dog can help. 

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I learned so much about myself and what "quality of life" means from this dog. As she came to the end of her life, I appreciated why we should not dwell on the past, or only focus on the future. She showed me how to be present, and to quietly embrace our time with loved ones.

When the time came to say goodbye to Cleo, I felt that I had done everything I could to be ready. I would only find out if this was true later.

A year has passed and I have the chance to lean on those experiences, to see how they stand up with the recent death of my father.

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